XannyTV, Gaming and Content

Short version:
I’m still working on it.

Not so short version:
It’s hit or miss when I can record given my current living situation. However, I’m going to try to make the best of it. I’m on some game every night, whether it be Rift, Smite or something else (most likely Rift, since I’m in a great guild there, and I get to play with my partner!). I should be able to somewhat easily stream those while I’m playing and get some usable content. In fact, I’m going to try that in the coming week or so. Granted, you won’t see my face on the stream, but it’s something anyway. :)

XannyTV itself I’m still trying to work out how to bring back. The camera I picked up to try to vlog with turned out to be a dud (given the price, I’m not surprised), and I don’t want to constantly be out of focus. It’s coming back. I plan to record something somewhat decent in the next couple of weeks as a relaunch. If you have any leads on a somewhat decent handheld camera, let me know.

Interested in when I stream? My stream lives over at Twitch.tv (@justxanny), while replays will be posted to Youtube.

Why and How I Shoot.

A while ago, someone posed a question to me. “Xanny, why do you shoot photos, and how do you shoot?” Those are good questions indeed, so I figured I’d break it down. I’ve written about this previously, but sadly the backup of that writing got wiped out, so I get to do a “fresh” look at things.

Why: It’s A Hobby
Nothing out of the ordinary here, it’s something I enjoy doing when I can do so. Granted, my time lately has not allowed me to shoot as much as I’d like (I’m behind two shoots, I wanted to do a shoot a month at least), but I’m looking at taking care of that issue in the coming weeks. I’ve been reaching out to some friends to see if they are available and then going from there.

Am I now, or will I ever be a professional? No. This is a hobby for me. I don’t want to turn it into a job, and as it stands right now I certainly do not have the resources to dump tons of funds into camera equipment. I use a middle of the road camera, a flash and that’s about it right now. I have a couple of projects in the works to build my own lighting (LEDs + soldering iron = lighting panel!) and my own backdrop, but otherwise that’s the extent of my equipment.

Why: I Like Showing People How Beautiful They Are
I’ve asked a few friends to stand in front of my camera before, and there are a few who have told me they had never modeled, or that they didn’t think they had it in them. Most of what I’ve shot so far could technically fall in the fetish category, however if you look at the models, they are in different shapes and sizes. I think that’s what I love the most. Everyone is beautiful in one way or another, and I love to capture that and show it off.

Why: I Enjoy Creating
I like shooting photos and editing them. I love seeing the end result of my and the model’s work, and it’s also very satisfying to hear the model’s reaction. I also love when others see something in my work and also get something from it. It’s a creative drive, and it’s so much fun.

Why I Don’t Charge
Simple. This is a hobby for me. Does that mean I’ll shoot your wedding for free? No, I don’t do weddings. See above where I mention I’m not a professional. I’ll gladly refer you to others who would take that job on, but it’s not for me. If someone insists on paying me something, I tell them to give me what they think it’s worth to them. Obviously if they ask me to produce prints we may need to chat about the bottom line, but for the most part, I don’t charge. I also don’t charge because 99.9% of the time, I’m shooting people I’m friends with. I find shoots go easier and seem to be more comfortable to me when I know the person standing in front of me.

How I Go About a Shoot
First thing’s first, I get in touch with someone I want to shoot with, and once I get the okay we both brainstorm. Typically I’ll have an idea, but a lot of the time I just tend to wing it once we figure out the outfit choices. I don’t do much instruction from behind the camera, which is something I admittedly need to work on, but so far it has worked out pretty well in that we get some good shots without trying. I attribute a lot of that to luck and the fact that the model is comfortable with me while we’re shooting.

So there you have it, a bit of insight into the whys and hows of my photography hobby. In the coming weeks I’ll be adding updates to my online portfolio, Xannypix!, and hopefully I’ll get it integrated into the site as a whole a bit better.