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Momocon 2015 has come and gone, so I figured I’d write a bit about it. This was the first year myself and my partner attended, and overall we had fun. It was held in the Georgia World Congress Center down near the dome in Atlanta, which turned out to be a pretty okay location. Why pretty okay? Well, it was the first year the convention had been here, so there were a few minor things happening that could have gotten better. We arrived and got our badges without a problem, but not even 10 minutes inside GWCC security was complaining because we were “standing in front of the escalators”, which we really weren’t. There were different teams running around. Momocon security was now called Momocon safety due to the on-site security. Momocon security seemed to be laid back and didn’t have the power-trip thing going on, however, some of the GWCC security was another story.


I attended two panels this year, one being a Godzilla panel, and another dealing with Arduino and costuming. Both were very well done and we weren’t waiting in really long lines to get in the door. Some of the other panels, however, proved to be very popular. Not a bad thing, but just something to keep in mind. There was plenty of space in the convention center, so it didn’t feel too cramped.

Vending / Gaming

This is where I spent the majority of my time, the vendor and gaming room. The vendor section was your typical anime / gaming / cosplay / artist setup, but there was a lot to take in. I didn’t spend a dime, which was something I was particularly proud of. Then, there was the gaming side of the room. There were old arcade and pinball machines set up for free-to-play mode, indie game developers were on-hand to show off their creations, Microsoft has a presense as did Hi-Rez, the creators of Smite, which is something I do play from time to time. Also, there were sections for console gaming, a LAN was set up (bring your own PC), and a tabletop area, which my partner spent a lot of her time at, trying out Legion. It’s definitely this section alone that makes the convention worth going back to.

Final Thoughts

It’s a decent convention, if not overwhelming. It’s a bit smaller than Dragoncon, but it’s definitely larger than most conventions we are used to attending. We haven’t decided if we’re going back yet, but it wouldn’t be because of the convention itself.