AWA 2015 and The Group Shoot


The Shoot
Anime Weekend Atlanta has come and gone once again, and this year I didn’t get to shoot any “candid” shots, but instead shot a coordinated photoshoot for Naruto cosplayers, and unfortunately it killed my desire to shoot anything else during the weekend. It’s not the organizer’s fault, really. It was a really large turnout at a convention. The problem was with everyone else with a camera or phone. There were three photographers who volunteered to do this shoot, and as such, these photographers should be able to move freely and get the shots they want / need to get. For about the first half hour, this wasn’t really possible due to other people stepping in front of us, pushing us out of the way, or just sitting where we wanted to move to. We attempted to move the people back some, but after about five minutes, the problem returned. It got to the point where I pulled the other two photographers in front of the group and explained that we needed room to move around. Did it help? Not much, sadly.

I don’t mind others taking shots, but at the very least allow the volunteers to get the shots they need / want and don’t impede them. Honestly, I don’t know that I’d do another one in this setting, simply because it got to be quite annoying really quick and I’m not sure how happy I’m going to be with the shots I did get. On the bright side, now with fall here I can start doing the shoots I’ve been meaning to do.

The Convention
I didn’t attend a single panel this convention, and honestly I’m okay with that. I spent most of the time wandering around checking things out or just people watching. I had wanted to get photos, but see above for why that didn’t happen. I got to spend some time with important people in my life, so overall it’s a win.

State of the Site, End of August 2015


General Site Stuff

First, after perusing my website’s logs, it appears my current host’s alarms are malfunctioning, and I’m not getting anywhere near the CPU / Memory ceiling when it comes to using WordPress and the security plugins I’m using, so for now I’m going to stay put unless I find another compelling reason to move. 35 bucks a year for hosting is a good thing, and Stablehost has yet to do me wrong, really. That being said, I’m still going to keep my DigitalOcean VPS running. I have plenty of uses for a VPS, so I’m going to keep it around.

Content Update

I’ve been lax with content generation lately, and I’m still working on trying to change that. I’ve got a new-to-me laptop that, once I upgrade the RAM, I should be able to use for voiceover work for my videos I’m capturing. Also, it seems like my Windows 10 overview went over well, so I may revisit it and go from there. Game streaming, I’m still struggling with the whens and hows. My main PC lives downstairs, and living with multiple people in an open-air downstairs does not lend itself well to streaming. Still trying to sort all of that out. I may save streaming for special occasions and shift my focus to Youtube videos. We’ll see what happens though.


This is where I’m severely lacking. My new goal is to try to post at least once, if not twice a week. We’ll see how it goes though.

Anyway, that’s where I am for now. Stick around, we’re still working on things.

Windows 10 – Privacy Settings


I upgraded to Windows 10 the day it came out, and since then I’ve had some friends asking me about how it’s performing, what I like, what I dislike and they also had some installation / upgrade questions. I’m going to try my best here to go into everything, and if anyone has any other questions, feel free to drop a comment here and I’ll answer it for you. I decided to break this up into Privacy settings (this post) and my review will follow later.

Privacy Settings

The biggest thing I’ve been asked about with regards to Windows 10 is the privacy aspect. There are a ton of articles already floating around out there with information, but for the sake of friends who’ve asked, I’m going to go into what I’ve disabled here. Click the links in the following text for screenshots. Now, I will say it’s not necessary to turn these off, I’m just not a fan of sending Microsoft a lot of my browsing / search habits.

To get started, click on the Start Menu (lower right, Windows icon), select settings and then select Privacy, and you’ll then be presented with the privacy menu. First things first, you’ll start on the General section. Turn off everything here, most of it pertains to apps from the Windows store or web browsing with Microsoft Edge, the new web browser with Windows 10. Moving right along, we go to the Location section. Again, turn off location by selecting ‘Change’ and turning off the option when it pops up. If there is any location history, click the ‘Clear’ button and it’ll clear it out. Moving along, we now visit what I feel is the most important thing to turn off, and that is Cortana. Visit Speech, Inking and Typing, then click on ‘Stop Getting to know me’ button, and then click on ‘Turn Off’ when it pops up. Cortana has been disabled. Next. we’ll skip down to Other Devices. Turn off the first option to prevent your PC from sharing information to another device without being explicitly paired. Finally, the last section we’ll look at under Privacy is Feedback & Diagnostics. Modify ‘Windows should ask for my feedback’ to ‘Never’ and modify ‘Send your device data to Microsoft’ to ‘Basic’.

One more setting to modify, and there’s a bit of a debate going on with regards to whether or not it’s a bad thing. It’s called Wi-Fi Sense. In a nutshell, it shares your home wireless connection details in one form or another with your contacts so that if they stop by your place, they can connect to your wireless network without asking for the key. There are those that say it’s no big deal, and that your actual encryption key isn’t shared. My opinion is this: something is getting shared, and I’d rather just give someone my security key personally rather than having Windows share it for me. If you want to turn it off, visit Settings, Network and Internet. From there, you should start on ‘Wi-Fi’. Select Manage Wi-Fi Settings and it will bring up Wi-Fi Sense. Turn off the two options and you should be good to go.